INACSL 2018 Group A

INACSL 2018 Group A
First Last Company
Ute Beffert John Abbott College
Donna Boyce Elgin Community College
Kathy Buhler Fortis College
Allyson Cooper Red River College
Elizabeth Dee John Abbott College
Marcia Donley Central Community College
Melissa Ehmke UMSL-Director NLRSC
Karen Fleming North York General Hospital
Karyn German Madison College
Becky Hawarny College of Lake Country
Paula Hutchings Hill College
Tami Jones Central Community College
Svend Haakon Kristensen Laerdal Medica Japan
Justin Laferty TriStar Health
Tiffany Losekamp USAF School Of Aerospace Medicine/JYG
Rumi Maeda Tokyo Medical And Dental University
Raquel Meyer Baycrest Centre For Learning,
Research & Innovation In Long Term Care
Betsy Reeves
Patrica Richard University Of Texas Medical Branch
School Of Nursing At Galveston
Kristina Swiercz
Margot Zemrau Grant McEwan University

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