Neurological Assessment

Neurological Assessment

Ability to Respond

  • Is the client easy to arouse?
  • Can the client tell you name, time and where they are?
  • Does the client answer questions correctly?
  • Does the client speak clearly?
  • Does the client follow instructions correctly?
  • Is the client calm, restless or excited?
  • Is the client conversing, quiet or talking a lot?


  • Can the client squeeze your fingers with either hand?
  • Can the client walk?
  • Can the client move their arms and legs?
  • Are the client’s movements shaky or jerky?
  • Does the client complain of stiff or painful joints?


  • Where is the pain located?
  • Does the pain go anywhere else?
  • Where did the pain begin?
  • What was the client doing when the pain began?
  • How long does the pain last?
  • How does the client describe the pain? Sharp, sever, knife-like, dull, burning, aching, comes and goes, depends on position?
  • Has the client felt this pain before? If they have, what helped relieve the pain? Medication given? Did the medication help relieve the pain? Is the pain still present?
  • Is the client able to sleep and rest?
  • What is the position of comfort?

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